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Artificial Intelligence

One of InfoSec's most frustrating realities is that attack information is there in your data. We know this because human analysts can, after the fact, go through your data and tell you exactly how the attackers got in and what they did.

While human analysts can identify new attacks and take proper action, hiring more analysts isn't always realistic. To solve this problem you have to emulate the human analyst. And emulating a human is fundamentally the domain of Artificial Intelligence.  

This is the PatternEx Vision: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for InfoSec that combines the power of Analyst Intuition (AI) with the power of machines to emulate an analyst's judgment in real time and at scale.


MIT and PatternEx Research:

AI System Detects 85% of Attacks

The PatternEx Platform is the only system that incorporates analyst feedback in real time, and trains AI models to deploy an "army of virtual analysts."

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Active Learning

PatternEx dynamically extracts user feedback, creating predictive models that continuously adapt to detect both new and existing threats.  

PatternEx learns from your analysts in real time, continuously training the system to improve prediction accuracy.

PatternEx Threat Prediction Platform Architecture

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Network Effect

Our Platform transfers attack patterns learned at one customer to all customers, enabling the Platform to quickly detect new threats.

Counter the creativity of the hackers with a global pool of analyst knowledge.


Our Blog

Did You See The MIT Press Release?

MIT and PatternEx Researchers did a controlled experiment to see if an AI solution could demonstrate active learning.

  • PatternEx's active learning technology, ACM received feedback from humans and improved its detection capabilities
  • ACM's ability to detect attacks was 10x better than anomaly detection solutions
  • ACM's precision was possible with 5x fewer alerts than anomaly detection solutions

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