PatternEx for Account Takeovers



Account Takeover (ATO) attacks hit enterprise websites on a daily basis. Existing solutions can not stop these kinds of attacks because they admit anyone with valid credentials. ATO's can damage both your brand reputation and bottom line.

With online criminals constantly morphing their attack patterns, you have to counter them equally innovative thinking. Like Artificial Intelligence for InfoSec– the founding vision of PatternEx.


PatternEx’s patent-pending Active Contextual Modeling technology is optimized to detect ATO’s in real time:

  • ACM can automatically transform log data into behaviors which are then analyzed by powerful AI algorithms overseen by your InfoSec Analysts.
  • This analysis can differentiate, with precision, between legitimate and unauthorized users.
  • Your response can be automated via an API.

The PatternEx Platform helps companies predict when fraud is about to happen with previously unachievable precision. Bottom line: we identify criminals and allow you to stop them—before they act.

To learn more about PatternEx’s unique and comprehensive solutions to Account Takeovers, download our solution guide and request a demo.


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