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AI Enabled Threat Hunting: Automation Through Auto Correlation 

We all use correlation rules to find patterns or active threats in our logs. But given the complexity of threats and the large number of false positives our analysts see, is there a better way?  

In this webinar, Dr. Mei Lam, PatternEx data scientist, discusses AI best practices to make it easier to find correlated security events (and anticipate threats)—without writing rules.

Watch now to learn:

  • How SIEM based correlation approaches vary from AI enabled methods
  • Industry best practices on AI enabled auto-correlation methods
  • Techniques to automate your threat hunting process through graph analysis
Featured Speaker: Dr. Mei Lam, Data Scientist, PatternEx
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Dr. Lam, data scientist, leads the Graph Machine Learning effort at PatternEx to develop AI algorithms for real-time attack prevention in enterprise applications.  She holds a PhD in applied math from MIT and previously worked for Splunk and Department of Defense.

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