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An Overview of AI: For Security Pros

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According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, "AI could improve human life and economic competitiveness - but is also poses new risks." 1  What is the hype around AI and cybersecurity — and what are these new risks? How does the average enterprise see real value out of the AI that every vendor talks about?  Watch the prerecorded webinar to learn more. 

What: An Overview of AI: For Security Pros
Featured Speakers: 
Dr. Ignacio Arnaldo, Chief Data Scientist, PatternEx
Kapil Raina, VP Product Marketing, PatternEx

In this session, we break down the state of AI in cybersecurity to kick-start your AI learning. You'll learn: 
  • Different AI techniques used for cyber security
  • Why threat detection can be complicated – but so good with AI
  • Understand concepts like Active Learning – and look smart around the water cooler
  • And most of all...why AI won't take over our jobs in cyber security any time soon.  
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