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Artificial Intelligence: Force Multiplier for InfoSec

The attacks are coming, and they are determined. So, we get all the right tools, and follow all the correct regulations and standards. We work with all the frameworks and abide by all the best practices. We put in place the latest software and hardware in an attempt to gain more visibility into our systems. Then it escalates, like an arms race, as both our networks, and our adversaries, become more complex. So we spend more money on more systems that generate more data.

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Teaching a Computer to Defend: Machine Learning and InfoSec Analysts

Ignacio Arnaldo is Chief Data Scientist at PatternEx

At the foundation of the PatternEx platform lies the vision outlined in our introductory blog post, Artificial Intelligence for InfoSec: an artificial intelligence system based on a new paradigm in security—one that continually identifies new and evolving attacks with the participation of an InfoSec analyst; and, once identified, synthesizes new models that can predict future instances of the attacks without analyst involvement.

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Artificial Intelligence for InfoSec: The PatternEx Foundation

Uday Veeramachaneni is Founder and CEO of PatternEx

Ever wonder why, with all the talent, technology and financial resources being dedicated to protecting enterprise data, the volume and sophistication of intrusions and frauds continue to escalate?  

Back in September 2013, fresh from the WAF world, my co-founder Vamsi Korrapati and I struggled with this question. It was a relevant question then, and, as today’s headlines evidence, it has become even more important today. As we dug deeper, we spoke with a number of InfoSec leaders and engineers and we evaluated every security technology they use. Through this, we gained an interesting insight into the way security organizations work today.

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