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Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Systems will Impact InfoSec

InfoSec solutions based on Artificial Intelligence hold promise as the only viable way to scale your scarce resources-- time and people-- to address today’s InfoSec problems.  But Artificial Intelligence alone will not solve the well known problems of InfoSec.

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RSA Session: Actively learning to mimic an analyst

We are pleased to announced that PatternEx’s co-founder, Dr. Kalyan Veeramachaneni, has been selected to lead a vendor-neutral Session on the use of Artificial Intelligence in InfoSec.

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The Challenges of AI in InfoSec

At PatternEx, we acknowledge that analysts are the key resource in InfoSec, and given the lack of qualified personnel in the market, we have set ourselves the goal to enable human analysts to direct their own team of virtual analysts (see our previous post) to scale the resources to address today’s InfoSec problems.

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The Goal of PatternEx

Our goal, when founding PatternEx, was to develop a system that mimics a human InfoSec Analyst’s intuition and expertise in real time and at scale.

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