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Artificial Intelligence for InfoSec: The PatternEx Foundation

Uday Veeramachaneni is Founder and CEO of PatternEx

Ever wonder why, with all the talent, technology and financial resources being dedicated to protecting enterprise data, the volume and sophistication of intrusions and frauds continue to escalate?  

Back in September 2013, fresh from the WAF world, my co-founder Vamsi Korrapati and I struggled with this question. It was a relevant question then, and, as today’s headlines evidence, it has become even more important today. As we dug deeper, we spoke with a number of InfoSec leaders and engineers and we evaluated every security technology they use. Through this, we gained an interesting insight into the way security organizations work today.


Security engineers are smarter versions of Sherlock Holmes— they are able to use their intuition to piece together a variety of observations into an attack vector that is in progress and figure out the best way to stop it. Yet, all the products, technologies and next-gen architectures at their disposal are static rules-based systems that force these engineers to code their intuition into a very prescriptive set of rules and conditions. Not only are rules exclusively backwards-facing (focused only on what happened, not what is about to happen), they are often simplistic rules that attackers can easily test for and overcome.

As we investigated new approaches to this huge problem, we learned from Kalyan Veeramachaneni our cofounder and a Research Scientist at MIT’s CSAIL lab that the past decade has seen tremendous progress in the field of Artificial Intelligence.  AI systems can now learn from human intuition, adapt to new circumstances and detect patterns.

We also found, to our surprise, there is no Artificial Intelligence when it comes to enterprise security. And so PatternEx was born.

Our founding vision for PatternEx was to leverage the two components most essential to detecting, defending, and ultimately preventing attacks: machines, with all their power and capability; and humans, with their experience, intuition and judgment. So we set about creating an Artificial Intelligence platform that effectively leverages human intuition of InfoSec teams and enables them to predict evolving threats and attacks that have not been seen before.

To turn this vision into a viable solution, we built a team that has three core areas of expertise: 1) designing large scale distributed data processing engines; 2) designing AI platforms for a variety of problems; and 3) a deep security experience in running and managing large security organizations.

In the coming weeks, leading up to the debut of the PatternEx platform, we will share with you in this forum some of the ideas behind the company and our unique technology as well as what we’ve learned from our InfoSec peers—and, most importantly, our customers—on this journey.

Stay tuned...

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