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Bending the Boundaries of Normal

Supervised Learning is a vital component of an Artificial Intelligence strategy. As InfoSec specialists, our job is to reduce both false positives and false negatives simultaneously in order to pinpoint real attacks. Without Supervised Learning, this task would be extremely difficult. With it, we can train a system to identify certain attacks with high levels of precision. And what's more, this system is working 24x7x365 and can review far more data than an army of humans could.

To illustrate the power of Supervised Learning, let us consider a simple example: a malware attack. We know that—despite all of our anti-malware, perimeter defenses, sandboxes, and security policies—malware gets into your systems. Once inside your organization, malware will seek to communicate with its controller to receive instructions. Let's compare using rules versus using Supervised Learning to detect malware.

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Glossary of AI Terms for Cyber Security

We often encounter confusion and hype surrounding the terminology of Artificial Intelligence. In this post, it is hoped that the security practitioner can have a quick reference guide for some of the more important and common terms.

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Cyber Security and AI-Squared

Monday of this week, MIT put a spotlight on a paper co-written by researchers from PatternEx and MIT CSAIL. The paper compared PatternEx's Active Learning approach with state-of-the-art Anomaly Detection approaches, and had two important conclusions:

  • It is possible for an AI system to automatically adjust its models over time based on human feedback and improve detection capability
  • AI systems using these techniques detect far more attacks with far fewer alerts than solutions based solely on Anomaly Detection

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Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Systems will Impact InfoSec

InfoSec solutions based on Artificial Intelligence hold promise as the only viable way to scale your scarce resources-- time and people-- to address today’s InfoSec problems.  But Artificial Intelligence alone will not solve the well known problems of InfoSec.

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The Challenges of AI in InfoSec

At PatternEx, we acknowledge that analysts are the key resource in InfoSec, and given the lack of qualified personnel in the market, we have set ourselves the goal to enable human analysts to direct their own team of virtual analysts (see our previous post) to scale the resources to address today’s InfoSec problems.

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Active Learning: A Primer

This is the first in a series of posts defining and clarifying Artificial Intelligence concepts.

At PatternEx, we are convinced that active learning strategies will change the game of InfoSec.

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Teaching a Computer to Defend: Machine Learning and InfoSec Analysts

Ignacio Arnaldo is Chief Data Scientist at PatternEx

At the foundation of the PatternEx platform lies the vision outlined in our introductory blog post, Artificial Intelligence for InfoSec: an artificial intelligence system based on a new paradigm in security—one that continually identifies new and evolving attacks with the participation of an InfoSec analyst; and, once identified, synthesizes new models that can predict future instances of the attacks without analyst involvement.

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