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Success Criteria for PoCs

Try before you buy, or drive before you buy, or a proof of concept (PoC) which is the IT equivalent. However, to get the maximum value from a PoC, there are several important steps that need to be completed in advance. This is important for both the prospective customer as well as the vendor. Mistaken expectations can be costly for one or both of the parties. Do your homework! And, here is your homework assignment.

Rules vs. Correlations vs. Models

Information security practitioners need to broaden their vocabulary to understand machine learning terminology. For example, what are the differences between a "rule" versus a "correlation" versus a "model"? What is the difference between an algorithm versus a model?

Alerts Continue to Rise

As alerts continue to rise, is the solution SOAR, or first to better / more accurately discern false positives and detect current false negatives? Moving directly to SOAR without improving detection seems to merely be another digital version of garbage in / garbage out. Certainly improved security automation & response are needed, but don't just port poor detection to response and expect to improve your program's effectiveness.

More Morphing in the Security Services Space: Moving from SOC to SOCaaS

We have more imorphing in the security services space. occurring. We tend to focus on the evolution of security products. However, an interesting evolution of security services is also occurring. I'm not speaking about penetration testing to bug bounties to attack simulation platforms. I'm speaking today about MSSPs to MDRs to SOCaaS, (security operations center-as-a-service) and what is driving this evolution.

The Value of Threat Intelligence

Commercial cyber threat intelligence (TI) is relatively new to the sector. While all major firewall vendors provide threat intelligence, many non-product TI companies have also emerged. Too many? Does a CISO really need yet another vendor in the form of a non-product TI company?

Detecting DNS Rebinding Attacks

DNS rebinding attacks - they're back! And this time, on a massive scale. Protection of vulnerable IoT devices is highly problematic, but detection of such attacks poses it's own challenges. How to detect these attacks in near real-time on a massive scale. Enter AI please.

What to Look for in an MDR Provider

As more and more traditional MSSPs begin to provide MDR services, it is important to know what your selection criteria should include. In this post, we discuss the factors that should be considered if you are going to have a successful partnership with an MDR provider.

Why move to MDR?

A significant shift is underway within the MSSP segment. Several major MSSPs are adding MDR capabilities to their porfolios. What is driving this shift and why? Customers are demanding such, and MSSPs have their own business reasons for doing so.

Is There a (MSSP) Bubble Coming?

Tulips, housing, stock markets. Are MSSPs the next bubble? With the growing number of companies entering the MSSP space, many of them with no prior experience and little expertise, what is in store for MSSP vendors?

Is Trust Breaking Out?

There has been an infosec mantra for years in the US about the need for a public - private partnership. However, private sector organizations have long complained about the one-way flow of security data and information. A key ingredient has often been missing -- trust. Is that starting to change?
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