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Collections of the thoughts and the people behind the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform powered by AI2.

AI SOC: All About the People

AI Enabled SOCs will change how people, process, and technology perform together more efficiently.

Introducing the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform

Introducing PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform. New features such as AutoCorrelate and Custom Analytics to create a network of virtual analysts.

How machine learning creates virtual analysts

How PatternEx uses machine learning to create virtual analysts.

PatternEx Named One of  SINET's 16 “Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies”

Today, SINET has named PatternEx as one of its 16 most innovative companies of 2017. PatternEx is honored to be named to this prestigious list.

The Revolution of Learning Systems

Evolution is nice but revolution is more interesting. While UEBA is an interesting evolution from the shortcomings of SIEM, it is not revolutionary.

Three Key Questions for Your UEBA Vendor

Here are three good questions for any CISO to ask any ML vendor.

Moving from Tools Collection to Knowledge Collection with Human-Assisted AI

Most InfoSec teams are on a strategy of tools collection. Human Assisted AI enables teams to collect and keep analyst knowledge. Consider the implications...!

The True InfoSec Talent Gap

We don't need more InfoSec analysts to write rules and investigate rules. We need more InfoSec analysts to train Artificial Infrastructures to detect attacks.

The Goal of PatternEx

In founding PatternEx, our goal was to develop a system that mimics a human InfoSec Analyst’s intuition and expertise in real time and at scale.

InfoSec: Cut Your False Positives to Zero?

Introducing PDR (Pattern Detection Ratio), a metric that covers the efficacy of threat detection systems.
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