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Donald Trump, Theresa May, MIT & Apple all agree on one thing

Let me explain.  Cyber security has become a global challenge and a central focus for governments and militaries worldwide.  And with the evolution of AI—we are seeing the weaponization of AI in cyber security—leading this technology to become classified as “arms.”

 Wendy R. Anderson, former deputy chief of staff to US secretary of defense Chuck Hagel recently said:

"The AI train has left the station, whatever we feel about AI is irrelevant. The fact is we are already engaged in a global arms race on the defensive side of AI."

And enter Brexit. With part of the trade agreement addressing topics such as tariffs on trade, it will also have to include the regulation of products considered weapons (like AI).  The UK has exported AI solutions to Europe (as well as North America) – investing over $1.4B.  But what does trade and regulation look like if AI Cyber is considered a weapon of mass destruction (cue up War Games or Terminator memes here)?

Well, the world has taken notice. Recently in Belgium, EPIC released a call-to-arms around AI which specifically calls out obligations around protecting against AI enabled cyber threats.

In the US, that discussion continues with the DOC soliciting comments on what technologies may need to regulated and/or exempt from export restrictions.  And on that list is Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology.  This may very well impact Apple as its AI technology (for voice and facial recognition) would potentially fall in the DOC classification.

So, with governments figuring out how to control AI, is that not just the realm of politics?

Well, no.  Concern extends to how AI can be weaponized not just for nation-state activities, but also by criminal enterprises.  For example, can AI enabled malware be used to avoid detection from AI enabled detection tools?  

Fear not, help will be coming State side. For example,  MIT is investing $1B in AI through the creation of a new college focused on AI – leading to some exciting innovations.   That is very exciting for PatternEx as we have roots and close ties to MIT.

So Donald Trump, Theresa May, MIT, and Apple will agree on one thing – AI is not a simple technical issue and has to be embraced both technically and through policy at government and industry levels.

Join us and help shape AI for the benefit of the “good side.”


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