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PatternEx Named One of  SINET's 16 “Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies”

We value research and analysis at PatternEx, and we respect when cybersecurity experts weigh in on research or emerging technology. So it is with great honor that we announce that the Security Innovation Network (SINET) has named PatternEx as one of its 16 most innovative companies of 2017.


SINET assessed applicants based on how well “their products and technologies solve real and significant Cybersecurity problems.” When we set out to introduce Artificial Intelligence to cybersecurity four years ago, this is exactly what we intended to accomplish. While we don’t do this for the recognition, having a group of more than 100 industry experts look at the problems we solve, analyze how we solve them, and nod their heads in approval is a truly humbling feeling.  

Our customers run into two main types of security problem: 1) the challenges involved in detecting compromises, and 2) the challenges involved in investigating those compromises. We believe that these issues and their related complaints—false positives; false negatives; human capital issues—are all symptomatic of one fundamental problem: companies have more data than they can effectively analyze. The answers we need lie in the data, but we cannot get to them fast enough.

Enter PatternEx. Enter the data scientists, the InfoSec geeks, and the go-to-market gurus that have built it into a powerful detection and investigation platform today, and who are hard at work delivering additional features and strategies that will make the PatternEx platform even more powerful for enterprises and service providers alike.

SINET chose us—and the other 15 companies on their list—based on a variety of factors, including the uniqueness of our solutions and the advantages those solutions have over others. The chief innovation PatternEx brings to the table is our ability to harness the power of of artificial intelligence and tailor it to your unique threat surface and security policies, without bringing in extra software engineers or data scientists.

We are excited to have the opportunity to present the PatternEx vision at the SINET event in Washington D.C. in November. If you would like to learn more about what makes PatternEx unique,  Request a Demo

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