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Collections of the thoughts and the people behind the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform powered by AI2.

An Overview of AI for Security Pros: Lessons Learned from our Webinar

Get an overview of our recent webinar, "An Overview of AI for Security Pros," where we covered two of the critical elements of data science/AI applied to infosec -- labeling and data variety.

Rules vs. Correlations vs. Models

Information security practitioners need to broaden their vocabulary to understand machine learning terminology. For example, what are the differences between a "rule" versus a "correlation" versus a "model"? What is the difference between an algorithm versus a model?

The Value of Threat Intelligence

Commercial cyber threat intelligence (TI) is relatively new to the sector. While all major firewall vendors provide threat intelligence, many non-product TI companies have also emerged. Too many? Does a CISO really need yet another vendor in the form of a non-product TI company?

The Benefits of Transfer Learning with AI for Cyber Security

How to use Artificial intelligence transfer learning to create virtual infosec analysts.

How machine learning creates virtual analysts

How PatternEx uses machine learning to create virtual analysts.

PatternEx Co-Founder Keynotes "Cybersecurity & AI get real: Attacks. Players. Solutions"

Cybersecurity & AI get real: Attacks. Players. Solutions, presented by MIT ILP, CSAIL Alliance program & STEX. Keynote by Kalyan Veeramachaneni.

Labels in AI: Where The Human Meets the Machine

What do Pandora, Google, and parenting have in common? Labels! This is how we teach both humans and AI algorithms to understand the implications of patterns.

Attacks in the Abstract: Detecting New Attacks with AI

Want to know how AI is detecting never-seen-before attacks? We break down complex concepts for the layperson.

The True InfoSec Talent Gap

We don't need more InfoSec analysts to write rules and investigate rules. We need more InfoSec analysts to train Artificial Infrastructures to detect attacks.

Artificial Intelligence: Primer and Deep Dive

A primer and a deep dive on Artificial Intelligence for Information Security leaders. #Blackhat
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