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The Benefits of Transfer Learning with AI for Cyber Security

Transfer learning is not new in information security. It has been in use for many years. For example, anti-malware vendors have exchanged samples of malware between their own proprietary collections of such (so-called zoos). That is a form of transfer learning. Similarly, Snort Community rules are a form of transfer learning. Community rules can be written by anyone, and used by any organization. ISACs are another form of transfer learning. Security-related is shared within a community. All of these examples (zoos, community rules, ISACs) involve known bads (e.g., malware, exploits, IP addresses, domains).

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Artificial Intelligence: Primer and Deep Dive

Since our launch in February of this year, we have had many discussions with security leaders about the application of Artificial Intelligence in InfoSec. In those discussions, we have noticed there is a level of confusion concerning AI concepts (e.g. “what is the difference between ML and AI?” and “What is Deep Learning?”).

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Advanced Analytics and Cyber Security

Gartner published a research note on April 4th analyzing how the rapidly emerging technology of security analytics will impact existing markets and companies. If you are a Gartner client, it is called "The Fast Evolving State of Security Analytics, 2016" and you can find it here (Gartner Subscription Required).

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VentureRadar Lists PatternEx in "10 Hot Startups Using Artificial Intelligence in CyberSecurity"

VentureRadar listed PatternEx as one of the 10 hottest AI companies in CyberSecurity.

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Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Systems will Impact InfoSec

InfoSec solutions based on Artificial Intelligence hold promise as the only viable way to scale your scarce resources-- time and people-- to address today’s InfoSec problems.  But Artificial Intelligence alone will not solve the well known problems of InfoSec.

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Artificial Intelligence for InfoSec: The PatternEx Foundation

Uday Veeramachaneni is Founder and CEO of PatternEx

Ever wonder why, with all the talent, technology and financial resources being dedicated to protecting enterprise data, the volume and sophistication of intrusions and frauds continue to escalate?  

Back in September 2013, fresh from the WAF world, my co-founder Vamsi Korrapati and I struggled with this question. It was a relevant question then, and, as today’s headlines evidence, it has become even more important today. As we dug deeper, we spoke with a number of InfoSec leaders and engineers and we evaluated every security technology they use. Through this, we gained an interesting insight into the way security organizations work today.

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