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Top Questions from Data Exfiltration Webinar

Last week we held a webinar focusing on the use of the PatternEx Threat Detection Platform to detect Data Exfiltration, led by Head of Security Solutions Erik Bloch and Chief Data Scientist Ignacio Arnaldo. The webinar had a lively Q&A that touched on some questions we frequently hear from prospects and customers so we thought it might be helpful to list some of the best of them here to help you explore the role AI can play in protecting your enterprise.

Topics: Data Exfiltration

Tailoring Your Data Exfiltration Detection Solution

‘Data Exfiltration’--an unauthorized transmission of your data to a third party--has traditionally been one of the most difficult InfoSec problems to identify and block. Part of the problem lies in breadth of the definition, since ‘exfiltration’ can encompass everything from a criminal moving your data to a server in North Korea to a disgruntled employee walking out the door with data on a USB stick.

The essential and often overlooked ingredient in detecting data exfiltration is the role of context. With the complexity of data flows constantly increasing, value judgments about the appropriateness of a given data flow is critical to ensuring maximum security with maximum productivity.   

Topics: Data Exfiltration