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Alerts Continue to Rise

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Cyber Security and AI-Squared

Monday of this week, MIT put a spotlight on a paper co-written by researchers from PatternEx and MIT CSAIL. The paper compared PatternEx's Active Learning approach with state-of-the-art Anomaly Detection approaches, and had two important conclusions:

  • It is possible for an AI system to automatically adjust its models over time based on human feedback and improve detection capability
  • AI systems using these techniques detect far more attacks with far fewer alerts than solutions based solely on Anomaly Detection

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InfoSec: Cut Your False Positives to Zero?

Reducing False Positives

A question we’re often asked is whether PatternEx can reduce false positives, and if so, by how much?

It’s an interesting question. My flip answer is: Sure, we can reduce false positives to zero. We just won’t show anything. But, then you’ll of course miss everything. So here’s the more serious answer:

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