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The Benefits of Transfer Learning with AI for Cyber Security

Transfer learning is not new in information security. It has been in use for many years. For example, anti-malware vendors have exchanged samples of malware between their own proprietary collections of such (so-called zoos). That is a form of transfer learning. Similarly, Snort Community rules are a form of transfer learning. Community rules can be written by anyone, and used by any organization. ISACs are another form of transfer learning. Security-related is shared within a community. All of these examples (zoos, community rules, ISACs) involve known bads (e.g., malware, exploits, IP addresses, domains).

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Labels in AI: Where The Human Meets the Machine

  1. A song streams from your Pandora app, and you click “thumbs up!”
  2. A parent reads a book to a baby, taps an image of a Labrador and says, “dog!”
  3. A student looks at the results of a Google search and clicks the fourth link.

What do all three of these things have in common with a data scientist's work? And why should an InfoSec professional care?

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