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Results of PatternEx's Performance Testing for the Virtual Analyst Platform for SOCs

According to analysis of real customer data, PatternEx eliminates more than 90% of false positives and detects verified malicious phishing domains significantly faster than other products.

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Bending the Boundaries of Normal

Supervised Learning is a vital component of an Artificial Intelligence strategy. As InfoSec specialists, our job is to reduce both false positives and false negatives simultaneously in order to pinpoint real attacks. Without Supervised Learning, this task would be extremely difficult. With it, we can train a system to identify certain attacks with high levels of precision. And what's more, this system is working 24x7x365 and can review far more data than an army of humans could.

To illustrate the power of Supervised Learning, let us consider a simple example: a malware attack. We know that—despite all of our anti-malware, perimeter defenses, sandboxes, and security policies—malware gets into your systems. Once inside your organization, malware will seek to communicate with its controller to receive instructions. Let's compare using rules versus using Supervised Learning to detect malware.

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