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Collections of the thoughts and the people behind the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform powered by AI2.

Detecting Lateral Movement with Data Science Sugar

Detecting Lateral Movement Webinar - a review of key use cases, data science sugar, and other interesting things we discussed in our latest webinar series.

Alerts Continue to Rise

As alerts continue to rise, is the solution SOAR, or first to better / more accurately discern false positives and detect current false negatives? Moving directly to SOAR without improving detection seems to merely be another digital version of garbage in / garbage out. Certainly improved security automation & response are needed, but don't just port poor detection to response and expect to improve your program's effectiveness.

Changing Business Considerations for MSSPs: Saying Goodbye to Soda Straw Views

As the threat landscape has evolved (e.g., increased number and size of DDoS attacks), MSSPs are being forced by the market to evolve their service offerings. It simply is no longer acceptable for an MSSP to manage perimeter firewalls, a couple of Internet-facing applications, and perhaps a couple of important internal systems (e.g., Active Directory domain controllers). Why not? Because such (effectively) stand alone ‘soda straw’ views do not provide the MSSP (nor the customer) with the context needed to be able to detect today’s sophisticated attacks.

Why MSSPs Should Be Interested in Virtual Analyst Technology

MSSPs face several challenges in effectively running their operations, and subsequently providing value to their customers. New tools for better threat detection and improved context for investigations are needed - and available to assist SOC analysts.

Finding Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

2017 was the year of ransomware. 2018 is already shaping up to be the year of cryptocurrency mining malware. Are you prepared for this threat? How well can you detect this new threat?

Help for SOC Analysts - Autocorrelation

PatternEx is pioneering a new cybersecurity platform, with the ability to auto correlate behavior across entities & time for better, faster attack detection.

The Benefits of Transfer Learning with AI for Cyber Security

How to use Artificial intelligence transfer learning to create virtual infosec analysts.

Cyber Security and AI-Squared

The PatternEx technology detects 10x more attacks in cyber security, with 5x fewer alerts than anomaly detection solutions.
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