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Methodology of Performance Testing for the Virtual Analyst Platform for SOCs

In a previous post, I wrote about a huge decrease of more than 90 percent of false positives with PatternEx’s Supervised Learning models. While the results of this real-world performance are very impressive, the question is: how were those numbers derived? Let’s explore the methodology a bit.

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Results of PatternEx's Performance Testing for the Virtual Analyst Platform for SOCs

According to analysis of real customer data, PatternEx eliminates more than 90% of false positives and detects verified malicious phishing domains significantly faster than other products.

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The Benefits of Transfer Learning with AI for Cyber Security

Transfer learning is not new in information security. It has been in use for many years. For example, anti-malware vendors have exchanged samples of malware between their own proprietary collections of such (so-called zoos). That is a form of transfer learning. Similarly, Snort Community rules are a form of transfer learning. Community rules can be written by anyone, and used by any organization. ISACs are another form of transfer learning. Security-related is shared within a community. All of these examples (zoos, community rules, ISACs) involve known bads (e.g., malware, exploits, IP addresses, domains).

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The True InfoSec Talent Gap

We don't need more InfoSec analysts to write rules and investigate rules. We need more InfoSec analysts to train Artificial Infrastructures to detect attacks.

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The Challenges of AI in InfoSec

At PatternEx, we acknowledge that analysts are the key resource in InfoSec, and given the lack of qualified personnel in the market, we have set ourselves the goal to enable human analysts to direct their own team of virtual analysts (see our previous post) to scale the resources to address today’s InfoSec problems.

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The Goal of PatternEx

Our goal, when founding PatternEx, was to develop a system that mimics a human InfoSec Analyst’s intuition and expertise in real time and at scale.

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