PatternEx for Business Logic Abuse


Despite vulnerability assessments, code scans, and security controls, you still can be victimized by Business Logic Abuse. This attack is unique because the Bad Guys are not necessarily exploiting a security hole–they are often using the site as it is functionally designed–to defraud you.

With online criminals bringing innovation and quick response to their activities, you have to counter them equally fresh thinking. Like Artificial Intelligence for InfoSec–the founding vision of PatternEx.


PatternEx's Threat Prediction Platform can address the problem of Business Logic Abuse:

  • Our patent-pending Active Contextual Modeling technology creates a process that identifies new threats and creates new models to prevent future attacks, automatically.
  • Differentiate between users breaking your Terms of Use and those who are using the site legitimately.
  • Quickly identify fraud with fewer false positives than rules based or anomaly detection solutions.

The PatternEx Threat Prediction Platform is an end-to-end AI Platform for Fraud and Breach detection. For the first time, an Artificial Intelligence system can mimic your analysts to accurately detect malicious user intent. If malicious intent is confirmed, the system can automatically trigger your existing defense workflows. 

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