PatternEx for Data Exfiltration


Data Exfiltration has traditionally been one of the most difficult problems facing InfoSec professionals. The methods vary widely and the techniques used are tailored specifically to the particular victim, making the attack even more problematic. But once through the perimeter, all attackers want to steal your data: customer data, employee data, credit cards, intellectual property, or other critical information. This is their objective.

To find and beat Data Exfiltration schemes, you need to be able to mimic an analyst's ability to recognize malicious behaviors, and to scale this across your enterprise. You have to have the capability of examining all user behaviors and predict user intent, so you can stop the data from leaving your network before it happens. The PatternEx solution is designed to do just that.


PatternEx can help detect Data Exfiltration:

  • Our patent-pending Active Contextual Modeling technology provides visibility into previously unseen attacks.
  • We work within the limited bandwidth your Analyst team has, detecting more attacks with fewer total alerts.
  • Models of attacks learned at one customer are shared with the global customer population, improving the speed and precision of detection.

By looking at the behaviors of your systems, data in motion, and users, PatternEx is able to not only find these behaviors associated with data exfiltration, but also predict attacks before they occur.

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