Are you up for a challenge?domainnamegame.png

We pulled five domains from our data set - some contain malicious behaviors and some don't. Some are obvious and some are very well concealed. Play the Domain Name Game to test your investigative skills against other analysts!

All you have to do is investigate each domain, then classify each by clicking the drop down box.  Give us your confidence level for each and tell us how you reached your answer. When you hit the "What's My Score?" button we'll send you your score via email - how you did overall and how you did compared with the other analysts.

Here are the five domains  (Just a reminder, some of these are malicious sites so don't click on them!)

  • thisfunctionisnotavailablenow[dot]xyz
  • nowversionformacandpc[dot]download
  • fqqzffzaycszgxstfddns[dot]com
  • syntax-196q6oi[dot]info
  • ttrraacckkrr[dot]com

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