AI for InfoSec Free TrialPatternEx is making our AI platform available to qualified* enterprises who:

  • want to detect command and control communication from their existing logs
  • are currently running Palo Alto Networks or Fortinet
    (Not running PANW or Fortinet?  Request a demo here.)

Request your 30 day free trial now. Why?

  • Immediately gain visibility into potential C2 beaconing and communication from your Palo Alto and/or Fortinet Logs.
  • Train the AI, which will proactively detect C2 communication in real time
  • A trained AI can also go through historical data to find other instances of C2 compromise
Fully functional cloud application, no limits on data volumes and no reduced functionality.  You get it all for 30 days absolutely free.

  • Easy to use interface ensures you receive value from day one, and we'll provide additional email support as you use the software.
  • There is no credit card required to get started, and no obligation once your free trial expires.

*To qualify you must be employed at a global enterprise, provide your corporate email address which uses a valid company domain, and be using Fortinet or Palo Alto Networks. 

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