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Companies Must Be Intelligent About Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Limits

By Jimmy H. Koo, Bloomberg BNAbloombergbna_logo.jpg

Companies seeking a quick fix with artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled cybersecurity systems shouldn’t neglect the essential role that humans play in protecting computers, data and networks from attack or unauthorized access, industry professionals told Bloomberg BNA.

“While we are certainly moving toward more automation across all industries, there will always be a need for human intervention in cybersecurity,” Symantec Corp. Chief Technology Officer Hugh Thompson told Bloomberg BNA.

AI systems are excellent at increasing efficiency and productivity by processing large data sets, but they aren’t a cybersecurity panacea, the pros said. Companies concerned with cybersecurity legal compliance and effective real-world solutions should understand that cybersecurity and information technology professionals are best-suited for tasks requiring a human touch, such as risk analysis, policy formulation and cyberattack response.

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