PatternEx for Polymorphic &
Metamorphic Malware

Polymorphic malware has a capability to escape detection by changing its’ potential signature while inside your IT environment. Metamorphic malware is malware that automatically recodes itself each time it propagates or is distributed. Both types of malware are able to escape detection by changing their behaviors.

PatternEx's Human-assisted AI can help you discover these two types of malware:

  • Our patent-pending Active Contextual Modeling (ACM) technology constantly learns and presents new behavior patterns to quickly identify these threats.
  • PatternEx differentiates between sets of normal user activities and those that are outliers.
  • As PatternEx learns from analysts, it performs retrospective analysis of historic data to look for similar but slightly different patterns and presents these to the analyst for further review

For the first time, an Artificial Intelligence system is available that can learn from your analyst’s judgement to accurately detect constantly changing malware. 

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