PatternEx Press Releases

Proficio Partners with PatternEx to Bring Artificial Intelligence-based Threat Detection to Proficio Clients

PatternEx’s Virtual Analyst Platform to Maximize the Productivity of Proficio’s Global Team of Security Analysts

PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform Speeds up Cybersecurity Investigations by 20x

PatternEx platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence and human intuition to automate threat detection and investigations.

San Jose Calif. -- October 5, 2017 -- PatternEx, a pioneer of “Analyst in the Loop” artificial intelligence technology, today announces the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform. This new platform improves detection by 10x at 1/5th the cost and speeds up investigation times by 20x compared to existing threat-analytics platforms.

PatternEx Announces the First Artificial Intelligence SaaS Application for Cyber Attack Detection at RSA Conference

San Jose, Calif— February 14, 2017 — PatternEx, the leader in Artificial Intelligence for information security, today announced the first Artificial Intelligence SaaS application for cyber attack detection. PatternEx’s flagship product, the PatternEx Threat Prediction Platform, is available as a SaaS application with a Free Trial period to selected customers. The announcement took place at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA.

PatternEx Announces $7.8 Million Series A Financing Round Led By Khosla Ventures

Company enables human analysts to train an artificial intelligence platform to detect new and emerging threats with human-levels of precision

PatternEx Launches Company with First Artificial Intelligence Platform for Enterprise Security

Unique Artificial Intelligence solution that leverages Analyst Intuition to predict existing and emerging cyber attacks in real time with 10 times better detection rates and 5 times fewer false positives

San Jose, Calif— (Marketwired) February 3, 2016 — PatternExTM, the pioneer in Artificial Intelligence for information security, today launched the company and its PatternEx Threat Prediction Platform that creates “virtual security analysts” that mimic the intuition of human security analysts in real time and at scale.