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PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform Speeds up Cybersecurity Investigations by 20x

PatternEx platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence and human intuition to automate threat detection and investigations.

San Jose Calif. -- October 5, 2017 -- PatternEx, a pioneer of “Analyst in the Loop” artificial intelligence technology, today announces the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform. This new platform improves detection by 10x at 1/5th the cost and speeds up investigation times by 20x compared to existing threat-analytics platforms.

PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform introduces two new key features that aid organizations in protecting intellectual property, customer information, and confidential data: AutoCorrelate and Custom Analytics. These two new features build on PatternEx AI2™, which combines the optimal capabilities of both machines and human analysts into a closed-loop feedback process designed to identify new attacks and learn over time.

“With the vast growing number of security alerts, context is everything during response and investigation,” said William Gee, Manager, Security Operations at Cadence Design Systems. “PatternEx helps us protect our intellectual property by providing context-rich insights into potential threats.”

PatternEx AutoCorrelate reduces the time it takes to investigate a threat by 20x by automatically discovering new correlations and displaying them in an entity relationship graph. Once an entity has been determined to be bad or compromised, PatternEx AutoCorrelate automatically investigates thousands of relationships to identify a chain of suspicious entities that an analyst needs to navigate while investigating the vector of an attack. Notably, the chain of entities could span multiple entity types, threat tactics, and time.

“Making systems interact with analysts is critical to make AI succeed in cybersecurity,” said Uday Veeramachaneni, PatternEx CEO and co-founder. “Analysts write complex correlations by pre-supposing what an attack looks like. But as attacks morph, those correlations quickly become stale, generating massive amounts of false positives. With PatternEx AutoCorrelate, companies can speed up their investigations by 20x by automatically discovering new and evolving correlations.”

PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform also includes Custom Analytics, which gives users the ability to do deeper analysis or extract complex analytics from raw logs. Analysts can write SQL queries or use Python or Scala to build analytics from raw data. These analytical queries can be saved as notebooks and shared amongst analysts to enable collaboration and threat hunting.

PatternEx AI2 combines the scalable learning capabilities of artificial intelligence and the power of human analyst intuition into a closed-loop feedback process. This approach creates virtual analysts who share attack patterns across organizational boundaries, creating a global network of shared intelligence.

“In my experience, today’s security analytics fail to detect advanced, targeted attacks,” said Thomas Whang, a managing partner at eContinuity. “What is needed is something built from the ground up to detect threats that traverse multiple tactics and entities over long time horizons. PatternEx’s concept of ‘virtual analysts’ does exactly that, and has helped improve our SOC efficiency.”

The Virtual Analyst Platform is available as software on premise or in the cloud. A demo of the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform is available here.

About PatternEx

Founded in 2013, PatternEx is the leader in “Analyst in the loop AI systems” for the enterprise and has made several innovations in the area of human/data interaction to improve analyst productivity. Drawing from its roots at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence lab, CSAIL, PatternEx combines the power of artificial intelligence with the intuition of humans to scale your security team and create a virtual analyst platform. PatternEx is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has a presence in New York, Madrid, New Delhi, and Tokyo.