The Benefits of the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform

10x Better Detection








Add Detection Power 

Every online action by an entity is logged somewhere. Organizing those logs around entities reveal behaviors, and those behaviors have nuances that distinguish one as normal and another as malicious. AI learns from your analysts to distinguish between normal and malicious with precision, delivering 10X better attack detection.


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Reduce False Positives

A trained AI analyzes behavioral data with the same skill and intuition as your analysts. Fewer false positives means less wasted time and more focus on meaningful alerts.  


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Augment your analysts with AI

Combining AI with graph visualization presents intuitive displays of the contextual information related to alerts. Automating many of the steps that human analysts currently perform manually yields tremendous efficiency increases.


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The Performance Report Behind the Numbers

PatternEx and MIT researchers conducted a performance study to see if an AI solution could demonstrate active learning.

PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform powered by AI2 is a real-time closed-loop Artificial Intelligence system that combines your analysts' intuition with machine intelligence to predict threats.

How it works:

  • Using real world data containing labeled attacks, we compared the detective precision of the PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform versus Anomaly Detection approaches.
  • PatternEx's ability to detect attacks was 10x better than UBA anomaly detection solutions
  • PatternEx's precision was possible with 5x fewer alerts than anomaly detection solutions

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PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform

PatternEx Virtual Analyst Platform Architecture

Learn how PatternEx dynamically accepts security analysts feedback to create predictive models that continuously adapt to detect new and existing threats. Using this feedback PatternEx is continuously trained to improve detection accuracy. Download the white paper to learn more.

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